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The University of Oxford has acquired a world-wide reputation for commercial achievements such as the development of the only FDA-approved, free-floating meniscal partial knee system (the Oxford Knee),

Other successful commercial ventures based on University of Oxford biomedical engineering research include Powderject (Professor Brian Bellhouse, acquired by Chiron Corp in 1993) and Mirada Solutions (Professor Sir Michael Brady, sold to CTI, and subsequently became Siemens Molecular Imaging in 2003).

A growing number of spin-out companies have been established based on research by the IBME faculty. Twelve companies have been spun out since 2008.

New spin-out companies are in various stages of formation. If you are looking to invest in new technology companies, you can find our technology investment opportunities by visiting Oxford University Innovation website.

Oxford University Innovation is the research and technology commercialisation company of the University of Oxford.

Oxford University Innovation