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Particle Therapeutics

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Particle Therapeutics Limited is a drug delivery company applying innovative delivery systems and drug reformulation technologies to the development of proprietary products to improve the administration and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, both generic and speciality. The application of the company’s technology is also anticipated to enable extension of patent life for existing therapeutics, thereby securing valuable intellectual property for longer term revenues.

The company has identified several candidate drugs as being particularly suited to its needle-free delivery system (the “Particle Therapeutics Device”) and is considering adding a small number of these to its pipeline. The first of these, glucagon, has been selected on the basis of a very significant unmet clinical need which is ideally addressed by Particle Therapeutics’ innovative device and particle formulation technologies.

There are compelling clinical, commercial and technical grounds for selecting glucagon, or needle-free delivery to patients experiencing severe hypoglycaemia, as the company’s first product.