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Congratulations to the Oxford Biodesign Short Programme 'InVent' Team

A team from the Oxford Biodesign Short Course has won a place in the IMAGINE IF! local finals.
Congratulations to the Oxford Biodesign Short Programme 'InVent' Team

InVent, a team comprising Emily (Man Ting) Kwong (a DPhil in Engineering Science student), Glen Wright Colopy (a CDT in Healthcare Innovation student), and Davide Volpi (a Postdoc in Medical Physics), proposes a new way to help wean hospital patients from mechanical ventilators. Using the group’s expertise in machine learning and medical devices, InVent is developing smart technology for patient-specific weaning sessions that will improve monitoring and feedback to clinicians. InVent hopes that by improving the monitoring of patient weaning, clinicians’ time will be freed up to focus on the patient’s other needs.


“InVent couldn’t be coming at a better time” said team leader, Emily Kwong. “Personalized medicine is one of the most promising areas of medical technology these days. With all of the data coming from medical devices, there’s no reason patient-specific data shouldn’t be used to inform the clinician and assist in better clinical decisions. When you combine this improvement in patient-care with the time-saving potential for clinical staff, it gets people excited.”


Jeroen Bergmann, Associate Director of Oxford Biodesign, said: “The team have identified a clear need and are developing a solution that can benefit many patients across the globe.”


In addition to selecting InVent for the local finals, IMAGINE IF! has provided the team with two industry mentors to help develop a business plan and video pitch. If InVent wins the next round of competition in October 2017, they will move on to the Global Final, which will be held in Oxford in December 2017.