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Department of Engineering win MPLS Impact Award

Professor Constantin Coussios was announced as one of five winners of the 2017 MPLS Impact Awards on Tuesday 14th February at the MPLS Winter Party

The MPLS Impact Awards were introduced in 2010 and aim to foster and raise awareness of impact by rewarding it at a local level. Prof Alison Noble presented five awards across three categories.

Category 1: For research that has had substantial impact since 1st August 2013:

  • Prof Constantin Coussios (Engineering), nominated for his research which has led to the development of the world’s first normothermic perfusion device for improved organ preservation prior to transplantation. Working closely with Prof Peter Friend, he co-founded OrganOx in 2009. The first patient was successfully transplanted in 2013, and following clinical trials, the OrganOx Metra is now routinely being used in two continents and six countries, including Spain, Belgium, Canada and the USA.
  • Prof Ivan Martinovic (Computer Science), nominated for his research into the security and privacy aspects of the communications technologies used in air traffic control and surveillance in civil aviation.
  • Prof Achillefs Kapanidis (Physics), nominated for his research that led to the development of the Nanoimager; a compact, robust, easy-to-use high-resolution fluorescence microscope based on detecting single molecules.

Category 2: For excellence in generating broad user interactions that achieved impact in the past year:

  • Prof Cas Cremers (Computer Science), nominated for his recent work on the Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS), which has led to significant improvements in the next generation of internet security.

Category 3: A lifetime award for successfully engaging externally and promoting impact:

  • Prof Myles Allen (Physics), nominated for advancing public understanding of the complex links between climate change and extreme weather events, in particular through public-participation computer modelling experiments under the and weather@home initiatives.

To read full details about the MPLS Impact Award please visit the MPLS website