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IBME Open Day

The IBME successfully held it's first Open Day to students in Year 10 - 12 from local schools.

Biomedical engineering is presently attracting a lot of attention as a career option, because of the opportunities it affords in innovation and entrepreneurship. In response to the interest from secondary school students, Prof. Constantin Coussios, Director of the IBME instigated an Open Day.

The Open Day was specifically targeted at pupils in Years 10-12, aimed at introducing them to everything biomedical engineering has to offer and the qualifications and degree subjects that will enable them to build a successful career in this field.

The day consisted of mini-lectures aimed at this age group interleaved with demonstrations conducted by researchers within the Institute, ranging from the use of mobile phones to monitor health to delivering ultrasound for non-invasive cancer treatment.

Speakers included Prof. Daniel Bulte, Prof, David Clifton, Prof. Eleanor Stride and Prof. Robin Cleveland. Demonstrations were provided by Dr Dario Salvi: Six-minute walk test app, Navin Cooray: Mobile brain recording with kids, Catherine Paverd and Anne Charlotte: Magnetic drug delivery, Dr Delphine Elbes and Dr Olga Boubriak: Ultraspine: replacing the intervertebral disc & Dr Julian Dye: Artificial skin and tissue engineering.