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Lubbock Day 2014: Tuesday, 13th May

Dr Kinam Kim, President of the Semiconductor Memory Business, the flagship component business of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.(SEC), delivered the 40th Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture on 13th May, which was titled: “Technology innovations revolutionising society”. For the first time the Department of Engineering Science held the Lubbock Lecture in the University of Oxford’s new Mathematical Institute. Over 250 representatives from industry, academia, the University’s alumni community, government, and schools from Oxfordshire attended.

Lubbock Banner 1Lubbock Banner 2Dr Kim’s presentation provided fascinating insights into global advances in technology from the last 30 years to those we can expect in the next generation of IT. He highlighted how technological innovations of devices such as televisions, computers and smartphones impact every aspect of our lives from our environment, our education, our leisure time, the way we work and our health. He demonstrated how in future ‘resource scarcity, climate change and accelerating urbanisation’ will need to be addressed. Dr Kim’s vision of society in the future is that it will be ‘smarter, healthier and greener as ICT technology continues to be developed’.

Dr Kim said: “Technology is a key driving force for socio-economic change. Silicon device technologies continue to evolve. In the future, CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) technology innovation will enable exa-scale (10E18) computing, which is potentially up to human-scale and real-time processing. Silicon scaling technology, which is expected to reach sub-10nm, will enable cost effective ultra-high density memories to satisfy future data storage requirements. Mobile network will open an era of the internet of things where everything could potentially have a digital identity and be connected to the internet and to each other”.

Dr Kinam KimHe added: “All these connected objects and devices will generate an exorbitant amount of data (traditional IT data as well as medical/health, bio informatics, environment and so forth), which need to be analysed in order to produce meaningful data. Therefore, Big Data analytics will also be an important technology in the future. Display technology in the future will be more realistic and immersive as well as more intelligent as it has started to become interactive”.

In Dr Kim’s closing remarks he said: “Stakeholders in industry try to push the limits of technology within their capabilities. But they always have to rely on academia for the big breakthroughs that could revolutionise society. Engineers are creators. What they imagine today will be the future of human society".

A profile of Dr. Kim is available via this link.

A photo montage of the day is available via this link.

With special thanks to the Trustees of the Maurice Lubbock Memorial Trust for their continued support.

Guests at this year’s Lubbock Day also enjoyed two exhibitions…

The Undergraduate Project Exhibition by 4th Year Students

Lubbock 2014 Judges
Professor Cathy Ye (pictured left) co-ordinated the 4th Year Project Exhibition. The judges, all of whom were alumni of the Department of Engineering Science and now working in industry, were: Tom Vining, (Jaguar Land Rover); Dr Richard Pearson (Ricardo); Judith Packer (Parsons Brinckerhoff), and Zeena Farook (Arup).
Lubbock 2014 Sponsors
Pictured above are sponsors of this year's 4th Year Project Exhibition prizes.
Lubbock 2014 Prizewinners
Pictured above is The Hon. Lyulph Lubbock and Professor Guy Houlsby, Head of the Department of Engineering Science, with all eleven prize winners.

The Hon. Lyulph Lubbock, who represented the Lubbock Trustees at this year’s Lecture, presented eleven prizes to the following 4th Year Engineering Science students:

  • ARM Ltd: ‘The ARM Prize for Digital Technology’
    Student: Mark Pullin (Hertford College)
    Project title: “Optimal Control of a 2014 Formula One Car”.
  • Atkins: ‘The Atkins Prize for the Best Energy-related Exhibit’
    Student: Sam Poulson (Worcester College)
    Project title: “Wave Energy and Climate Variability”.
  • BP: ‘The BP Award for the best Chemical Engineering or Energy related Exhibit’
    Student: Andi Tao (St Edmund Hall)
    Project title: “Comparative study of heavy metal removal in single and binary systems by metalworking fluid acclimated bacterial biofilms”.
  • GlaxoSmithKline: ‘The GSK Excellence in Communication of Engineering Innovation Award’
    Student: Joon Son Chung (St Catherine’s College)
    Project title: “Computer Vision and the History of Printing”.
  • Ibex Industrial Brushes: ‘The Ibex Industrial Brushes Mechanical Engineering Award’
    Student: Matthew Winters (Pembroke College)
    Project title: “Impact Experiments Using the Virtual Fields Method”.
  • Laing O’Rourke: ‘The Laing O’Rourke Best Civil and Construction Engineering Award’
    Student: Ben Brooks (Balliol College)
    Project title: “Tunnel-induced settlement damage to buildings”.
  • Mirada Medical: ‘Mirada Medical Best Image Processing and Computer Vision Award’
    Student:  Rose Michael (St Edmund Hall)
    Project title: "Can Cancer Catch a Cold".
  • Osborne: ‘OSBORNE prize for the project with the greatest practical application to civil engineering or structure’
    Student: Mark Shepherd (Lady Margaret Hall)
    Project title: “Practical Aspects of the Installation of Screw Piles”.
  • Rolls-Royce: ‘The Rolls-Royce Award for Innovation in Thermofluids’
    Student: Chris Kennell (University College)
    Project title: “Design of high Mach number turbomachinery blading for unusual application”.
  • Sharp Laboratories of Europe: ‘SHARP Prize for best Electronics Engineering Exhibit’
    Student: Uchechukwn Ukachi (St John’s College)
    Project title: “Magneto-inductive mobile phone charger”.
  • Sony BPRL: ‘Sony Image Processing Prize’
    Student: Jai Juneja (Balliol College)
    Project title: “Beyond The Naked Eye: Localisation and Mapping of Textured Scenes”.

Many thanks to all judges, and 4th Year undergraduates who took part.

With special thanks to the above sponsors for donating prizes.

The Engineering Science Research Exhibition

Guests at this year’s Lubbock Lecture also visited the Department’s research exhibition, which showcased the following areas of work: Robotics - Science for Self-Drive Cars’; ‘Robotics - The Big Picture’; ‘Engineering Visual Data’; ‘Immediate Search of Big Data’; ‘Communications and Electromagnetic’; ‘Optical Wireless Communications’; ‘Biomedical Image Analysis’.

Lubbock 2014 Research Exhibition