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Oxford Engineering is ranked best UK Engineering Department

According to the official UK-wide assessment of university research, REF2014, published on 18th December 2014, the Department of Engineering Science is the best engineering department in the country.

The Department is ranked first out of the 62 General Engineering Departments, based on the Grade Point Average (GPA) score adopted to produce the rankings. 55% of the overall activity was scored at 4* (world-leading quality). The impact of the Department’s research outside academia was also rated as number one in engineering, with 84% in the 4* category. (For an example, see

Professors Lionel Tarassenko & Guy Houlsby
Pictured above are: Professor Guy Houlsby (left) and Professor Lionel Tarassenko (right).
Professor Lionel Tarassenko, Head of the Department of Engineering Science, said: “This is a fantastic achievement by the Department, based on world-leading outputs and impact case studies. Everyone in the Department should rightly feel proud of their contribution to UK research and its exploitation. Special thanks must go to my predecessor, Professor Guy Houlsby, for his outstanding leadership in the preparation of our submission”.

The 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) assesses the quality and impact of research submitted by UK universities across all disciplines. The results will be used by the four UK funding bodies to allocate block-grant research funding to universities from 2015-16.