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Salters’ Centenary Award in Chemical Engineering

Congratulations to Bo Zhang, 2nd Year DPhil student in the Department of Engineering Science (Kellogg College), for being awarded one of four Salters’ Centenary Awards in Chemical Engineering. To celebrate its Centenary in 2018 the Salters’ Institute has set up a new award scheme for postgraduate chemists and chemical engineers.

Bo ZhangThe purpose of the Awards is to recognise and support individuals who are starting out in their career and who have the potential to make an outstanding long-term contribution to the chemical and allied industries. The Awards are an important part of the Institute’s programme of activities in support of its mission to promote the practical applications of chemistry at all levels. Award holders will be asked to participate in the Institute’s educational activities and events with other Salters’ Centenary and Graduate Award holders.

Shortlisted candidates were interviewed at Salters’ Hall in London by representatives from industry and the Salters’ Institute. The interview panel selected those with a vision to address challenges facing the chemical industry and have the potential in making an outstanding contribution.

Bo Zhang, in the Department’s Tissue Engineering and Process Systems Engineering group, is currently completing his DPhil thesis, which combines mathematical modelling and experimental studies to improve bioreactors for culturing mesenchymal stromal cells

Bo, with his supervisors, Professors Aidong Yang and Cathy Ye, will be invited to the awards ceremony, presented by the Master of the Salters’ Company in December.

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