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Winners of the international annual PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge

Congratulations to Alistair Johnson, Joachim Behar, Fernando Andreotti, Julien Oster and Gari Clifford from the Department’s Intelligent Patient Monitoring Group at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME), who have won the final phase of the PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2014.

CinC Challenge Winners
From left to right are: Professor Roger Mark (head of LCP lab at MIT), Benjamin Moody (researcher at LCP lab at MIT), Professor Gari D. Clifford (Emory university/Oxford IBME), Dr Julien Oster (Post doc at Oxford IBME), Alistair Johnson (Oxford IBME), Joachim Behar (Oxford IBME), Fernando Andreotti (TU-Dresden, visiting Oxford IBME), Dr Ikaro Silva (researcher at LCP lab at MIT).
The 2014 Challenge, entitled "Robust Detection of Heart Beats in Multimodal Data", aimed to encourage the exploration of robust methods for locating heart beats in continuous long-term data captured from intensive care monitors. These devices record not only electrocardiograms (ECGs) but also other pulsatile physiological signals. The challenge was to work out which signals to trust and how to fuse the data from several different types of data.

The winning entry incorporated signal quality and robust peak detection algorithms that have been developed over the past few years within the Intelligent Patient Monitoring group at the IBME, headed by Professor Gari D. Clifford. There were over 50 international teams competing in the Challenge, with 1300 individual algorithms entered. 

The award ceremony took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, where the team was presented with the award by Dr Ikaro Silva, Professor Roger Mark and Benjamin Moody from the Laboratory for Computational Physiology at MIT on behalf of the Challenge organisers. For more about the Computing in Cardiology Challenge please visit: