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Alison Noble - Research Interests

Professor Alison Noble's group works on biomedical imaging and image analysis, with a strong focus on methodologies appropriate for the challenges of analysing ultrasound imaging and microscopy.  Much of her group's research is motivated by the need to make more intelligent use of ultrasound information for clinical decision-making and the desire to extract quantitative functional information from spatio-temporal acquisitions (movies of moving objects).

Her group is internationally recognised for its work on ultrasound image analysis (segmentation, registration and RF-signal analysis), with current activities including machine learning in medical imaging, and ultrasound-based biomechanical property estimation.  Recent research highlights include the group's publications in functional cardiology (fusion echocardiography, multi-modality cardiac image analysis), elasticity and slip imaging for breast cancer diagnosis, fetal ultrasound image analysis and machine learning applied to microscopy