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Cardiovascular imaging (functional assessment)

Functional cardiology - assessing heart function

Fusion 3DechoProfessor Noble's research group has been working on various aspects of echocardiographic image analysis for a number of years. Early work focussed on spatio-temporal analysis, including Kalman-filter based tracking, and local phase-based segmentation and tracking. Recent contributions include pioneering the use of fusion echocardiography to improve the quality of echocardiography for both visual and automated interpretation. On-going projects are looking at different aspects of 2D and 3D echocardiographic (ultrasound) image analysis, and combining echocardiography and MR imagery.

For instance we are looking at ways to analyse what is called stress echocardiography which is where you image a heart at rest and then again when it is stressed (made to do work). Cardiologists use these images to assess the health of the heart but by-eye assessment is very subjective. We are looking at ways to model the change in the heart from rest to stress and also at what quantitative measures can be extracted to characterize a heart that undergoes this change in function.

We are also looking at fusing 3D echo data from different views and how this can be used to give more complete visualizations of large left ventricles and improve quantification (see Figure right).  Finally we have developed the first published approach to align 3D echo and MR data which opens up the way to use both modalities in cardiac diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

  • Functional Cardiology Team: Alison Noble, Richard Stebbing, John Mcmanigle, Kiryl Cheyky, Michael Tee, João Domingos
  • Collaborators: Paul Leeson (OCCF), Harald Becher (U. Alberta, Canada), Cezary Szmigielski, David Bluemke (NIH, USA)
  • Funding: EPSRC, NIH OxCam

Representative Publications (see also laboratory full publication list):

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