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Shape Structure & Context

Cellular morphology is, in general, an important large-scale manifestation of the global, organizational, and physiological state of cells. This is governed by highly regulated biological processes and is controlled by interactions between the cytoskeleton, the membrane and membrane-bound proteins, and the extracellular environment. Morphological measurements have commonly been used as proxy measurements for the global cell status, including differentiation, cell cycle state, and apoptosis.

Cells assemble into structures such as vessels, neural networks, and ducts - all of which perform critical functions in living organisms. In order to differentiate between different phenotypes it is necessary to develop algorithms that allow for a comprehensive assessment of the specimen. As the understanding of the microenvironment evolves, the analysis of contextual information becomes more relevant. The relative position of a cell with respect to blood vessels or ducts can, for example, make a significant difference.

Particular Areas of Interest

  • Model based segmentation of cellular structures
  • Statistical Shape Analysis (2D/3D)
  • Segmentation and analysis of generalized tubular structures
  • Tissue architecture

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