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Cancer Imaging

Within the Image Analysis Programme of the CRUK/EPSRC Oxford Cancer Imaging Centre, we apply image analysis and mathematical methods to preclinical and clinical data. A focus is on multimodal fusion, and model-based registration using pharmacokinetics.

Selected publications:


  • BW Papiez, MP Heinrich, J Fehrenbach, L Risser, JA. Schnabel. An implicit sliding-motion preserving regularisation via bilateral filtering for deformable image registration. Accepted for Special MICCAI13 Issue of Medical Image Analysis.
  • B Irving, L Tanner, M Enescu, M Bhushan, EJ Hill, J Franklin,  EM Anderson, RiA Sharma, JA Schnabel, and Sir M Brady. Personalised Estimation of the Arterial Input Function for Improved Pharmacokinetic Modelling of Colorectal Cancer using dceMRI. MICCAI 2013: 5th International Workshop on Abdominal Imaging: Computational and Clinical Applications, 2013.
  • MP Heinrich, M Jenkison, Sir M Brady, JA Schnabel. MRF-based deformable registration and ventilation estimation of lung CT. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 32(7):1239–1248, 2013.
  • B Papiez, M Heinrich, L Risser, JA Schnabel. Complex lung motion estimation via adaptive bilateral filtering of the deformation field. Proceedings for the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) 2013, LNCS, Springer (2013). In press. MICCAI 2013 Young Scientist Award.
  • M Bhushan, JA Schnabel, MA Chappell, FV Gleeson, EM Anderson, J Franklin, Sir M Brady, M Jenkinson. The Impact of Heterogeneity and Uncertainty on Prediction of Response to Therapy Using Dynamic MRI Data. Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), 2013. LNCS, Springer (2013).
  • MP Heinrich, M Jenkinson, M Bhushan, T Matin, FV Gleeson, Sir JM Brady, JA Schnabel. MIND: Modality Independent Neighbourhood Descriptor for multi-modal deformable registration. Medical Image Analysis - Special Issue MICCAI 2011. doi 10.1016/


Within the Wellcome Trust / EPSRC Centre of Excellence in Personalised Healthcare, we develop novel registration technology for targeted drug delivery using ultrasound sequences and CT volumes.

Selected publications:

  • A Cifor, L Risser, D Chung, EM Anderson, JA Schnabel. Hybrid feature-based diffeomorphic registration for tumour tracking in 2D liver ultrasound images. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 32(9):1647–1656, 2013.
  • A Cifor, L Risser, MP Heinrich, D Chung, and JA Schnabel. Rigid Registration of Untracked Freehand 2D Ultrasound Sweeps to 3D CT of Liver Tumours. MICCAI 2013: 5th International Workshop on Abdominal Imaging: Computational and Clinical Applications, 2013.