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MSc Engineering Science, University of Oxford:

  • 1st year Engineering Science: P5 Computing Lab. Senior demonstrator, 2007/8–2010/11.
  • 2nd year: Lecture series on Partial Differential Equations (8 lectures), 2009/10–2012/13 
  • 2nd year: Lecture series on Linear Algebra  (4 lectures), 2014/15 -  
  • 2nd year: Biomedical Engineering Coursework Module, 2010/11–2012/13 (Module organiser 2011/12–2012/13).
  • 4thyear: Lecture series on Medical Imaging:
    • Medical Analysis (4 lectures), 2007/8–2012/13.
    • Magnetic Resonance and Nuclear Imaging (4 lectures), 2010/11–2012/13; 2014/15 - ; Jointly with Prof Roger Gunn (Imanova).
  • 4th year Engineering Science Individual projects (4YPs):
    • Interactive image fusion with the Kinect (Adam Griffith, 2012/13)
    • Design of a graphical user interface for computer-aided landmark identification (Liam Cattell, 2011/12)
    • Medical workstation of the future: 3D medical image visualization and navigation using hand gestures (Omar Khan, 2011/12)
    • Brain reconstruction (Nicholas Baker, 2010/11)
    • Combined linear/nonlinear image matching (Nathaniel Du, 2009/10)
    • Fast image analysis using graphics cards (Nic Chan, 2009/10)
    • Fast Level Set Segmentation of Biomedical Images using Graphics Processing Units (Hormuz Mostofi, 2008/9)
    • Image registration for colorectal cancer (Siwei Guo, 2008/9)


MSc in Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford:

  • Lecture series on Medical Imaging (jointly with MSc Engineering Science 4th year, see above)
  • Medical Image Analysis Laboratory. Organiser, 2007/8–2012/13.
  • MSc Biomedical Engineering Projects (Project Coordinator 2009/10-2012/13):
    • Tumour segmentation based on spatial heterogeneity (Elina Naydenova, 2012/13, co-supervised with Dr R Sharma and Dr A Cifor)
    • Development of a GUI for pharmacokinetic analysis in cancer imaging (Camille Gallerneau, 2011/12, co-supervised with Dr L Tanner)
    • Speckle analysis using dynamic textures (Monica Enescu, 2010/11, co-supervised with Dr A Cifor)
    • Motion tracking in ultrasound images with applications to oncology (Dogkan Eninanc, 2009/10, co-supervised with Dr A Cifor and Dr M Murgasova)
    • Automated methods for volume measurement in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (Robert Behan, 2008/9)
    • Motion correction for contrast-enhanced MR mammography (Habib Baluwala, 2007/8)


Doctoral Training Centre at the Life-Sciences Interface

  • Medical Image and Signal Analysis (MIAS) Module (lectures, labs and mini-projects). 2007/8–2012/13.
  • Short projects:
    • Intra- and inter-modality image registration of dynamic imaging for monitoring of therapeutic interventions in breast cancer (Louise Bowler, 2012/13 ) - with Prof R Gunn, Imanova, and Prof F Gleeson.
    • Developing image analysis tools for assessment of fetal brain development using MRI (Siying Wang, 2011/12) – with Dr Maria Murgasova, KCL.
    • Liver partitioning in CT images (Meelis Lootus, 2010/11) - with Dr T Kadir, Mirada Medical.
    • Automated detection of lesions in PET/CT (Liang Xu, 2010/11) - with Dr M Gooding, Mirada Medical.
    • Intra- and Intermodality Image Registration of PET/CT data for the monitoring of therapeutic interventions in Oncology (Jieqing Jiao, 2009/10) - with Prof R Gunn, GSK.
    • Detection of imaging biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease using tensor-based morphometry with multivariate statistical classifiers (Ivor Simpson, 2008/9) - with Dr M Woolrich.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovations: 

  • Imaging Module (lectures and lab). 2009/10–2012/13.
  • Short projects:
    • Improving the accuracy of pharmacokinetic modelling in DCE-MRI using patient-specific parameter estimation and motion correction (Short project, Andre Hallack, 2012/13) - with Dr Mark Gooding, Mirada Medical.
  • Market Research Projects:
    • Quantitative dynamic imaging  (Andre Hallack, 2012/13)  - with Dr F Kaster, Mirada Medical.
    • Chart rounds for radiotherapy (Simao Laranjeira, 2011/12) - with Dr M Gooding, Mirada Medical.
    • Image processing in the cloud (Mauro Santos, 2010/11) - with Dr M Gooding, Mirada Medical.
    • MDT support software (Berkan Sesen, 2009/10) - with Dr M Gooding and Dr T Kadir, Mirada Medical.


Tutorial Teaching at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford

  • 1st  and 2nd  year of MSc Engineering Science: Mathematical Methods.
  • 1st  year of MSc Engineering Science: Electrical and Information Engineering.
  • 2nd  year of MSc Engineering Science (old course): Digital Logic and Computers.