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Carlos Arteta


Carlos Arteta

 I am a DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford, supervised by Prof. J. Alison Noble (Biomedical Image Analysis Group), Prof. Andrew Zisserman (Visual Geometry Group) and Dr. Victor Lempitsky (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology). I am also part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation. 



My research is in the application of machine learning to the analysis of microscopy images. I am particularly interested in the automation of cell-based experiments, which includes cell detection, segmentation, tracking and counting. 

I am also involved in Low-Cost mHealth projects and currently working with the Oxford Centre for Affordable Healthcare Technologies (Ox-CAHT)


-1st place Engineering World Health Design competition (2011)

-Best Innovation Leveraging Technology Award presented by Dell Inc. (2012)

-Pembroke College's Venezuelan Scholarship (2011-2014)


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