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João Domingos


João DomingosResearch

I am a DPhil candidate at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford, and I am supervised by Dr. Paul Leeson and Prof. J. Alison Noble. My doctoral research focuses on providing cardiologists with novel tools for utilizing 4D echocardiography data in clinical practice in order to improve workflow and accuracy of disease diagnosis. Specifically, I am interested in the design of computer vision and machine learning strategies to perform real time automated 4D analysis of echocardiography volumes. 

I am also involved in low-cost mHealth projects for developing countries and currently working with the Oxford Centre for Affordable Healthcare Technologies (O×CAHT).

Awards and Scholarships

- European Society of Cardiology Grant (EuroEcho Imaging 2014 Free Registration)

- BMVA Travel Bursary Award (2014)

Wolfson Innovate (WIN) Challenge 2014 - Highly Commended Prize

- Wolfson College Conference Grant (3x)

- Best Innovation Leveraging Technology Award presented by Dell at 2012 Dell Social Innovation Challenge (now Verb U)

- 1st place 2011 Engineering World Health (EWH) Design competition

- EPSRC (UK) Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation Studentship (2010-2015)



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