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Michael Tee


Michael Tee is currently an MD/PhD student pursuing his degree through the National Michael TeeInstitutes of Health (NIH) Oxford-Cambridge (OXCAM) Program, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM) and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine MSTP program. Having completed two years of medical school, Michael has begun his PhD research with Dr. David Bluemke, MD/PhD, of the NIH and Dr. Alison Noble, PhD, of Oxford University. He hopes to merge Dr. Alison Noble’s engineering experience with that of Dr. David Bluemke’s clinical experiences to solve important issues in the field of cardiac imaging. His current research aims include developing methods to better characterize cardiac tissue properties with cardiac computed tomography (CCT) along with cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) and echocardiography. Michael had several research experiences leading to a number of posters and oral presentations at national meetings including the American Society of Echocardiography, American College of Cardiology, Radiological Society of North America and American Society for Radiation Oncology.  Away from the lab, Michael enjoys rock climbing, basketball, tennis and running.
Contact information
Institute of Biomedical Engineering Old Road Campus Research Building University of Oxford Oxford, OX3 7DQ

email: michael.tee[at]