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Omar Al-Kadi

Postdoctoral research fellow; DPhil, MSc, BSc

Omar Al-KadiI am a postdoctoral researcher working on biomedical image analysis and segmentation of liver tumours in the biomedical image analysis research group. My research interests include image processing (texture analysis, image classification, and image segmentation), computer vision, and pattern recognition.

The collaborative research project I am working on aims to develop and improve 3D Ultrasound-based drug delivery strategies that are capable of targeting both primary and metastatic liver tumours over a single course of administration (more info). The project is funded by the Wellcome Trust as part of the Centre of Excellence in Personalised Healthcare.


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Conference papers

O. S. Al-Kadi, ”Supervised texture segmentation: a comparative study,” in IEEE Jordan Conf. on Applied Electrical Engineering and Computing Technologies, Jordan, 2011.

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Conference abstracts

Omar S. Al-Kadi, Daniel YF Chung, Constantin C Coussios, J Alison Noble,”Predicting tumour responsiveness to chemotherapy treatment in volumetric Xenograft images,” Medical Engineering Centres Annual Meeting and Bioengineering14: Cancer Engineering and Technologies, London, UK, Sep 2014.

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O. S. Al-Kadi, D. Watson, “Fractal analysis in Digital Medical Images for lung tumours blood vessels,” in BSUH/BSMS 4th Annual Research Symposium in Vascular Medicine, Brighton, UK, 2006.

PhD Thesis

Omar Sultan Al-Kadi, "Tumour Grading and Discrimination based on Class Assignment and Quantitative Texture Analysis Techniques, " Brighton, UK: University of Sussex; 2009 [Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering]. 



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