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Circadian Disorders

Sleep, Circadian & Neuroscience

This project is connected with the new Wellcome Trust Sleep, Circadian Rhythm and Neuroscience Institute (SCNi), a collaboration between Oxford Biomedical Engineering, the Warneford Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry and the John Radcliffe Hospital’s Department of Neuroscience and Ophthalmology. As the engineering arm, our aim is to identify objective metrics of mental health, sleep and circadian rhythm anomalies using low cost sensors and data taken from mobile phones.


Aoife Roebuck (DPhil)
Maxim Osipov (DPhil)
Elnaz Geder (DPhil)
George Qian (DPhil)
Joachim Behar (DPhil)
Julien Oster (Postdoc)
Qiao Li (Postdoc)
Thanasis Tsanas (Postdoc)
Gari Clifford (Supervisor)