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This is a list of former students and postdocs who I have supervised or co-supervised (either at Oxford, MIT or other institutions).

Jonathan Daly (MEng, Graduated June 2012) - Now DPhil at Oxford

Nick Higgins (MEng, Graduated June 2012)

James Williams (MEng, Graduated June 2012)

C. Will Carspecken (MSc, 2010-2011) - Now MD at Harvard University

Busi (Christina) Vilakazi (DPhil, Graduated January 2012) - Now at CSIR, South Africa

Violeta Monasterio (Postdoc 2010-2011) - Now a Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Zaragoza, Spain)

Shamim Nemati (PhD, MIT, 2007-2012)

Terry Shuai Song (MSc, 2010-2011) 

Fred Burgess (MEng, Graduated June 2011)

Gwennael Fedder (MEng, Graduated June 2011)

Katherine Kuan (MSc, MIT, 2010) - Now a research engineer at Google  

Omid Sayadi (PhD, Sharif, 2010) - Now a Postdoc at Harvard

Caitlin McDonnell (MSc, Oxford, 2010) 

Tiffany Chen (MSc, MIT, 2009) - Now a research engineer at Oracle  

Anagha Deshame (MSc, MIT, 2009) - Now at Case Western (PhD)

Reza Sameni (PhD, Sharif/Grenoble, 2008)  - Now on faculty at Shariz University

Tin Hkyaw (MSc, MIT, 2007) - Now a research engineer at Yahoo

Dr Qiao Li (PhD, MIT/Shandong University, 2007) - Now a senior researcher at Oxford and on faculty at Shandong University

Anton Aboukhalil, (MSc, MIT, 2006) - Now at Harvard (PhD) 

Margaret Douglass (MSc, MIT, 2005)  

Jennifer Shu (MSc, MIT, 2005) 

Laurence Zapanta (MSc, MIT, 2005)  

Omar Abdala (MSc, MIT, 2004) - Now at Harvard (PhD)