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Perinatal Monitoring

Foetal Monitoring

We have two ongoing projects in foetal monitoring. The first focuses on extracting meaningful ECG features from abdominal data recorded from labouring mothers and is focused mainly on obstetric care. Our technology has been licensed and spun out into a start-up company (Mindchild Medical) which now has an FDA-approved product based on our technology. The second project focuses on foetal and maternal screening, using low cost point-of-care diagnostic devices, including 1D ultrasound, heartsounds and photoplethysmography.


Lisa Stroux (DPhil)
Joachim Behar (DPhil)
Julien Oster (Postodoc)
Gari Clifford (Supervisor)

Neonatal Monitoring

Newborn mortality accounts for 40% of child deaths before the age five years. Most of these deaths happen in developing countries at home without any skilled care. Pre-term babies have an increased risk of death due to their prematurity. In 2005, 12.9 million or 9.6% of world births were preterm with 8.2% happening in developing countries, particularly in Africa and Asia. In developed countries, the increasing use of in-vitro fertilisation has dramatically increased the rate of multiple pregnancies as well as the rate of pre-term births.

This project aims to build a robust low cost monitoring device for continuous acquisition of data and automated abnormality detection to increase the level of care provided for newborns. In particular we concentrate on neonatal apnoea.

A demo of the system can be found here:


Oliver Bent (MEng)
Jon Daly (DPhil)
Elnaz Gederi (DPhil)
Maxim Osipov (DPhil)
Violeta Monasterio (Postdoc)
Mohammaed Shahid (Visiting Researcher)
Gari Clifford (Supervisor)