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Andreas Triantafyllidis

My research to date has focused on pervasive computing for telemedicine applications utilizing Body Sensor Networks. More specifically, my main research goal has been the delivery of personalized health services to patients during their daily activities, through interpreting their health status as observed in situ.

As a postdoctoral researcher for the University of Oxford, I am currently involved in multidisciplinary research around the human centred design, development and usability evaluation of a mobile health platform for heart failure patients, being used at home. My future research plans involve the further development of models for representing and reasoning on the patient medical context as well as persuasive techniques for the patient engagement with mobile health systems.



International Journal Papers

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    Book Chapters


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     Conference Papers

    Triantafyllidis A, Velardo C, Syed SA, Chantler T, Paton C, Rahimi K, Tarassenko L. Supporting Heart Failure Patients Through Personalized Mobile Health Monitoring
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