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Athanasios Tsanas (‘Thanasis’)

Wellcome Trust post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (5-year post); Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Institute; Junior Research Fellow of Kellogg College, Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering Science, St. Peter’s College.

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) and Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (OCIAM). I am funded by the Wellcome Trust as part of a large grant which helped establish the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, led by Prof. Russell Foster. Before that, I completed a B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering (Athens, 2001-2005), a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering and Electronics (Liverpool, 2005-2007), an M.Sc. in Communications and Signal Processing (Newcastle, 2007-2008), and a D.Phil. in Applied Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering (Oxford, 2008-2012). I held student internships at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre and the Public Power Corporation.

Broadly, I am interested in qualitative and quantitative data analysis. I develop novel algorithms trying to identify characteristic patterns in the data and use predictive analytics to probabilistically estimate the future behaviour of the examined system. As an applied mathematician/engineer, I like working on diverse topics and applications, often sharing concepts amongst disciplines. My work on remotely assessing Parkinson’s disease symptom severity solely on the basis of sustained vowels has been featured in reports by Reuters and the University of Oxford. Other projects I have undertaken include optimizing established betting strategies, cardiovascular system modelling (e.g. how can we mathematically model stroke, recovery, and cardiovascular function assisted using implantable devices), early voice disorder onset detection, and a voice rehabilitation assistance tool. Lately, I have extended an algorithmic framework to integrate information from multiple experts/sensors/sources (one application is automatically weighting the assessments from multiple experts, and determining with high accuracy an assessment which is better than the single best expert). I collaborate with leading industrial partners and researchers worldwide, for example with Intel Corporation on the Parkinson’s disease project.

I am keen on most sports, in particular football (soccer), basketball, and table-tennis. I am an avid chess player often involved in activities of the Oxford University Chess Club. I have participated in four Varsity chess matches vs Cambridge and have captained the Oxford Varsity chess team.

Further information can be found on my research webpage.