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Refereed papers and book chapters

Tarassenko L, Mason L and Townsend N. (2002).
Multi-sensor fusion for robust computation of breathing rate. Electronics Letters, 38(22), 1314-1316.

McSharry PE, He T, Smith LA and Tarassenko L (2002).Linear and nonlinear methods for automatic seizure detection in scalp electro-encephalogram recordings. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 40(4), 447-461. 

Conference papers

Clifford GD, McSharry PE and Tarassenko L. (2002)
Characterizing artefact in the normal human 24-hour RR time series to aid identification and artificial replication of circadian variations in human beat to beat heart rate using a simple threshold. Computers in Cardiology, 29, 129-132.

King SP, King DM, Astley K, Tarassenko L, Hayton P and Utete S. (2002).The use of novelty detection techniques for monitoring high-integrity plant. Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Control Applications, 1, 221-6, Glasgow, September 2002.