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DPhil theses

Christina B. Vilakazi (2012):
Vital Sign Monitoring and Analysis of Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients

Fleming, S. (2010):
Measurement and fusion of non-invasive vital signs for routine triage of acute paediatric illness (PDF file)

Larsen, M.E. (2009):
Dose Optimisation using Mobile Phone-Based Telemedicine

Clifton, D.A. (2009):
Novelty Detection with Extreme Value Theory in Jet Engine Vibration Data (PDF file)

Lazarek, L. (2009):
Investigation of Breathing-Disordered Sleep Quantification Using the Oxygen Saturation Signal

Gibson, O. (2009):
Telemedicine for the Self-Management of Type 1 Diabetes

Hann, A. (2008):
Multi-parameter monitoring for early warning of patient deterioration

Cobern, W.R.(2007):
Asthma Self-Management Using Mobile Telephone Technology (PDF file)

Ebden, M. (2007):
Predicting Orthostatic Vasovagal Syncope with Signal Processing and Physiological Modelling (PDF file)

Hughes, N.P. (2007):
Probabilistic Models for Automated ECG Interval Analysis (PDF file)

George, A.(2004) [MSc]:
Monitoring Human Vigilance Using EEG and EOG Parameters (PDF file)

Mason, L. (2002):
Signal Processing Methods for Non-Invasive Respiration Monitoring (PDF file)

Cazares, S. (2002):
Automated Identification of Abnormal Patterns in the Intra-Partum Cardiotocogram

Clifford, G.D. (2002):
Signal Processing Methods for Heart Rate Variability Analysis (PDF file)

McGrogan, N. (2001):
Neural Network Detection of Epileptic Seizures in the Electroencephalogram (PDF file)

Zamora, M.E. (2001):
The Study of the Sleep and Vigilance electroencephalogram Using Neural Network Methods (PDF file)

Corbett-Clark, T. (1998):
Explanation from Neural Networks (PDF file)

Duta, M.D. (1998):
The Study of Vigilance using Neural Networks Analysis of EEG. (PDF file)

Ripley, R. (1998):
Neural Network Models for Breast Cancer Prognosis (PDF file)

Brewer, M.R. (1997):
Neural Networks for Meteorological Satellite Image Interpretation.

Khan, Y.U. (1997):
Detection of Epileptic Events in Electroencephalograms using Artificial Neural Networks.

Holt, M.R.G. (1996):
The Use of Neural Networks in the Analysis of the Anaesthetic Electroencephalogram.

Nairac, A.L. (1996):
An Analogue Visual Velocity Sensory for Robot Navigation.

Cairns, G.A. (1995):
Learning with Analogue VLSI Multi-Layer Perceptrons.

Scott, V. (1995):
An Investigation into Retinal Pulse Oximetry.

Frederickson, S.W. (1995):
Neural Networks for Speaker Identification.

Townsend, N. (1995):
Neural Networks for Mobile Robot Localisation using Infra-Red Range Sensing (PDF file)

Hamid, G. (1993):
A Design for a Vision-Based Velocity Sensor.

Brownlow, M.J. (1993):
A Time-of-Flight Optical Range Sensor for Mobile Robot Navigation.

Marshall, G.F. (1992):
Resistive Grids for Robot Path Planning

Tombs, J.N. (1992):
Multi-Layer Neural Networks and their Implementation in Analogue VLSI.

Roberts, S.J. (1991):
The Analysis of the Human Sleep Electroencephalogram Using Neural Networks.

de Kock, J.P. (1991):
Pulse Oximetry: Theoretical and Experimental Models.

Reynolds, J.H. (1991):
Spoken Letter Recognition with Neural Networks.

Reynolds, K.J. (1990) [MSc]:
An Optical Sensory for Blood Haematocrit. (M.Sc. jointly supervised with Dr B.J. Bellhouse)

Hanna, K.J (1990)
Monitoring Cataract Change. (jointly supervised with Prof. J.M. Brady)

Lee, V.S. (1989):
Optical Studies of Human Blood Cells: The Quantitative Determination of Platelet Viability. (jointly supervised with Dr B.J. Bellhouse)