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Wearables for Digital Health

Research summary

Researchers: Dr. Mauricio Villarroel, Dr. Shaun Davidson, Prof. Lionel Tarassenko

As technology becomes increasingly portable, there is growing interest in continuous monitoring of vital signs outside of traditional environments such as the clinic or hospital. Wearable devices that can continuously and unobtrusively monitor vital signs allow evaluation of patient recovery after discharge, monitoring of those deemed at risk or suffering from chronic illness, and the ability to look for information in longer-term trends not available during a shorter-term check-up.

We are developing our own wearable devices that allow the continuous, unobtrusive monitoring of an individual's vital signs. This process involves designing our own hardware, software, materials and working closely with the newly created 3D printing laboratory of the Department of Engineering Science. Our devices incorporate a range of sensors, including, but not limited to, electrocardiogram, photoplethysmogram, and accelerometers. Measurements from these sensors are coupled with off-line analysis of vital signs, allowing for the longer-term monitoring of vital sign patterns in at-risk individuals outside of the hospital or the clinic.

More details

For more details please visit the following website: VITAL-SIGN MONITORING LAB