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Targeted drug delivery for cancer

Targeting drug delivery for cancer

Some 40,000 patients are diagnosed each year with either primary or secondary liver cancer in the UK. Surgical resection of the liver is only an option in 10 to 25% of these patients, and chemotherapy is the preferred option for most patients. However, the objective response to chemotherapy is generally poor and has significant side-effects in a patient group with low life-expectancy.

We propose to develop an ultrasound-based system that enables localised drug delivery such that the dosage can be varied 'on demand' based on the patient-specific tumour response to treatment. In particular, image-based quantitative assessment of the tumour response to possible courses of treatment using a wearable array will enable optimisation of treatment efficacy. The ability to map regions of successful drug activation in real time will also remove uncertainties associated with patient-to-patient variability of tumour vasculature, ensuring that the drug is delivered to the right location at the right dosage for each patient, challenging the current 'one size fits all' assumption. The intention is initially to focus the technology on drug delivery for liver cancer, developing a platform that can later be applied to improved drug delivery to other cancer types, as well as in other areas of clinical medicine such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension.

IBME team: Dr Constantin Coussios, Prof. Peter Dobson, Prof.Alison Noble, Dr Julia Schnabel, Dr Penny Smith, Dr Christian Coviello, Dr Robert Carlisle, Dr Apurva Shah, Dr Omar Al-Kadi, Dr Amalia Cifor, Dr James Kwan, Dr Daniel Chung

Clinical collaborators: Prof. Len Seymour (ClinPharm), Dr Kerry Fisher (ClinPharm), Dr Tom Leslie (Clinical HIFU Unit)


Targeted drug delivery team

Prof. Peter Dobson, Dr Constantin Coussios, Dr Manish Arora, Dr Christian Coviello, Dr Robert Carlisle (top)
Prof. Alison Noble, Dr Julia Schnabel, Dr Penny Smith, Dr Sarah Wagstaffe (left to right)