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Treating cerebrovascular disease

Treatment of cerebrovascular disease

AneurysmThe treatment of ischaemic stroke patients is primarily a decision of whether or not to thrombolyse. The proposed modelling work will be based on the individual’s brain status at the time of admission and will provide clinical decision support by taking the imaging data and constructing a patient-specific model of the stroke that forward-predicts the extent of the damage both with and without treatment.

Similarly, we will develop a new generation of stents to give unprecedented flexibility in reconfiguration so as to match the characteristics of an individual's aneurysm. A combination of 3D imaging and numerical analysis will model the interaction between stent, blood flow and the thrombogenic potential of a particular implanted stent at a specific vascular segment, in silico. This will enable patient-specific stent selection and customisation.

IBME team: Prof. Yiannis Ventikos, Dr Zhong You, Dr Stephen Payne, Dr Vicente Grau, Dr Michael Chappell, Dr Paul Watton, Dr Jacob Levman, Dr Jiayao Ma, Dr Chang Sub Park, Dr George Harston

Clinical collaborators: Prof. James Byrne (NDS), Prof. Alastair Buchan (NDM), Prof. Peter Jezzard (FMRIB), Dr Brad McIntosh (NDM), Dr James Kennedy (NDM)


Cerebrovascular team 

Dr Xiang Zhou, Dr Zhong You, Dr Michael chappell, Dr Chang Park (top)
Prof. Peter Jezzard, Dr Piotr Orlowski, Prof. Yiannis Ventikos, Prof. James Byrne, Dr Paul Watton (left to right)