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Abigail Collins

DPhil Student (1st Year) - Oxford-Bellhouse Scholar

Academic Background

Abby (Abigail) graduated from Imperial College London with first class honours in Biomedical Engineering (MEng), and was awarded both the President’s Undergraduate Scholarship and the IET Great Exhibition Scholarship (supported by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851).  Her final year project was under the supervision of Dr. Rylie Green, developing her “Living Electrodes” construct for improved brain-machine interfaces.

In 2018, she undertook an internship at OxSonics Therapeutics, which specializes in the use of ultrasound and sonosensitive nanoparticles to improve the penetration of anti-cancer agents into and throughout solid tumours.

In 2019, she was awarded a full scholarship to fund her research with Prof. Angela Koehler at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, which focused on target validation in cancer research.

Abby joined BUBBL as a DPhil student in October 2020. She is working under the supervision of Prof. Constantin Coussios to optimize the immunological effects of therapeutic ultrasound and cavitation.