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Cameron Smith

DPhil Student (4th Year)

Academic BackgroundCameron Smith

Cameron graduated from Imperial College London with first class honours in Biomedical Engineering (MEng).  His final year project was under the supervision of Dr James Choi, developing an acoustic monitoring technique to allow for the measurement of the velocity distribution of microbubbles.

Cameron joined the BUBBL group in October 2017 as a DPhil student supervised by Professor Constantin Coussios, his current work explores real time monitoring of ultrasound mediated drug delivery. It is hoped that his work will allow for improved monitoring of ultrasound therapies making it easier to bring them to a clinical setting.



Tel: +44(0)7964 013818 
Mailing address: Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Old Road Campus, Research Building, University of Oxford, Headington, OXFORD OX3 7DQ, UK