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Dongli Li

DPhil Student (4th Year) - CDT in Healthcare Innovation Studentship

Dongli LiAcademic Background

Dongli graduated with her bachelor degrees in Electronics Engineering and Communication System Engineering from University of Birmingham and Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2012. Her final year project was creating an energy prediction interface for wireless communication systems using link budget analysis. After graduation, Dongli joined the Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation at University of Oxford and is a member of St Anne’s College. Dongli is currently working on the modeling of cell response to acoustic waves at subcellular level, under the supervision of Prof. Robin Cleveland and Dr. Antoine Jerusalem from Engineering Science department.  


Phone: +44(0)1865 617660
Mailing address: Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Old Road Campus
Research Building, University of Oxford, Oxford OX3 7DQ, United Kingdom