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Emma Bluemke

DPhil Student (3rd Year) - DTC in Biomedical Imaging

Academic BackgroundEmma Bluemke

Emma graduated from The University of Western University (Ontario, Canada) with a BSc in Medical Biophysics. She began her imaging research career volunteering in the Parraga lab of Roberts Research Institute in 2014, on the topic of pulmonary hyperpolarized noble gas magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nitrogen washout. Following this, Emma was a member of Dr. Arash Zarrine-Afsar’s lab at the University of Toronto for two years, working on the development of mass spectrometry imaging coupled with surgical lasers for tumour research. She completed her undergraduate thesis with the Culham lab at the Brain and Mind Institute, focusing on artefact reduction in functional MRI (fMRI).  

In 2017, Emma was awarded a Medical Sciences Graduate Scholarship from the University of Oxford and New College to join the EPSRC & MRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical Imaging. The training involves one year of interdisciplinary training and two 3 month rotation projects. Emma completed her first rotation on using deep (machine) learning for MRI image analysis under the supervision of Professor Mark Jenkinson and Dr. Ana Namburete. In her second rotation, Emma joined the BUBBL group under the supervision of Professor Daniel Bulte and Professor Eleanor Stride, where she is focusing on MR Imaging of oxygen carriers in treatment of hypoxic tumours.

Google Scholar link: GSL