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Oliver Vince

DPhil Student (4th Year) - Oxford Centre for Drug Delivery

Academic BackgroundOliverVince190

Oliver graduated from the University of Oxford with a MEng in Engineering Science in 2016 after completing several professional internships and research projects in the biosciences. He was awarded the prizes for Best Biomedical Engineering Project and Best Overall Project for this Master’s research.

Oliver joined as a PhD student in October 2016 working with Professor Stride. By collaboration with other members of BUBBL and the Sibson group in the Department of Oncology, Oliver has been able to take two novel drug delivery concepts from the theoretical stage, through a wide range of in vitro experimentation to successful in vivo demonstration.

Oliver was a member of Worcester College for the first two years of his PhD, then moved to St. Catherine’s College to take up the 2018 Leatherseller’s Company Sciences Award.

In June 2019, Oliver was awarded the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Postgraduate Scholarship for an Outstanding Researcher. This award is in recognition of research achievements and to “advance knowledge throughout the global science, engineering and technology community to enhance people’s lives around the world.”

Research expedition

Alongside his PhD research, Oliver led month-long unsupported expedition on the Vatnajokull icecap. The team used Oxford Nanopore equipment to become the first to successfully conduct fully off-grid DNA sequencing in a polar environment. This expedition was supported by 10 research grants and was advised by academics from Imperial College, Aberystwyth and Akureyri. More information can be found at:



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