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Dr Alec Thomas

Post - Doctoral Researcher

Academic BackgroundAlec Thomas

Alec graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University Colorado at Boulder in 2013.  As an undergraduate, he co-founded the university’s Biomedical Engineering Society student chapter and helped established industry connections and funds leading to collaborative biotechnology projects with local companies such as Medtronic.  In 2013, he was a summer intern at the Los Alamos National Laboratory constructing a suite of open-source community tools to model the migration of groundwater contaminants.

Alec began his doctoral training under the supervision of Professor Mark Borden in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Colorado.  His research focused on characterising lung surfactant as an encapsulation material of microbubbles for applications such as diagnostic ultrasound imaging and drug delivery.  He used this unique biomaterial to construct robust nano-scale phase-change agents to improve the vaporized microbubble stability.  Also during his graduate studies, as a National Science Foundation Fellow, Alec developed and taught hands-on design projects for high school students, in addition to developing an online repository of STEM curriculum for primary and secondary school.

Alec successfully defended his doctoral thesis in August 2018 and  joined BUBBL as a Post-Doctoral Researcher.  


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  • Lung Surfactant Microbubbles: Shell Mechanics for Drug Delivery, Ultrasound Contrast Imaging Symposium (2018), January 17th-18th
  • Strain-Rate Dependent Elasticity of Lung Surfactant, BMES National Meeting (2017), October 11th-14th, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Microbubble Film Balance to Study the Collapse Mechanics of Lung Surfactant, ACS Colloids and Surface Science Symposium (2017), July 9th-12th, New York City, NY.
  • Buckling and Collapse of Lung Surfactant Microbubbles, BMES National Meeting (2016), October 5th-8th, Minneapolis, MN.



Phone: +44(0)1865 617661

Mailing Address: Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Old Campus Road Research Building, University of Oxford, Oxford, OX3 7DQ, UK