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Dr Brian Lyons

Senior Research Fellow

Academic BackgroundBrian Lyon 1

Brian completed his BSc in Chemistry (Hons) at the National University of Ireland Galway. He then spent two years working as a Synthetic Chemist for an early stage R+D pharmaceutical company synthesising novel oncology drugs in Sydney, Australia. He obtained his PhD in Medicine from the University of Sydney where his research focused on the age-related changes that occur in long-lived human proteins and the implications these have for Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

As a postdoctoral scholar within the Davis group (Dept. of Chemistry, Oxford) Brian worked on a variety of projects all based on chemically modifying proteins, peptides and sugars to understand, exploit and modify biomolecular function. He was then funded by an OxCD3 program grant (with Prof Constantin Coussios and Prof Len Seymour) to chemically enhance oncolytic (cancer killing) viruses in order to increase tumour penetration via ultrasound mediated propulsion.

He is now a Senior Research Fellow on the TherOximmune team working to enhance the potency and tumour specific targeting of cancer immunotherapies via ultrasound. 



Phone: +44(0)1865 617659

Mailing address: Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Old Campus Road Research Building, University of Oxford, Oxford, OX3 7DQ, UK