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Dr Delphine Elbes

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Academic Background


Delphine graduated from the University of Bordeaux, France in 2009 with a MSC in Physics, and then graduated with a PhD in 2012. Her research activity was focused on non and minimally invasive thermotherapies in the treatment of cancer and cardiac pathologies in the Institute of Cardiac Rhythm and Modelling LIRYC, Bordeaux, France. She worked on MR guided HIFU to study bubble enhanced heating with MR thermometry and MR-ARFI. She also worked on radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias controlled by MR thermometry.

During her postdoc in the same institute in 2013, she worked on the evaluation of simultaneous MRI and cardiac electrophysiology. In 2013, she joined the BUBBL group at the University of Oxford and she is involved in EPSRC UltraSpine Project for removal of diseased tissue in intervertebral disc by using tissue fractionation.


Elbes, D. et al. Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Exploitation of Bubble Enhanced Heating by High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound: A Feasibility Study in ex Vivo Liver. Ultrasound Med. Biol. 40, 956–964 (2014).

Elbes, D. et al. Pre-Clinical Study of In Vivo Magnetic Resonance-Guided Bubble-Enhanced Heating in Pig Liver. Ultrasound Med. Biol. 39, 1388–1397 (2013).



Phone: +44(0)1865 617668

Mailing Address: Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Old Road Campus Research Building, University of Oxford, Oxford OX3 7DQ, UK