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Dr Erasmia Lyka

Erasmia received her M.Eng. degree in electrical and computer engineering with Erasmia Lykahonours from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece in 2011. She then completed her M.Sc. degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Oxford in 2012. In 2013, Erasmia started her doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Constantin Coussios in BUBBL. Her research was supported by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Departmental (DTA) Studentship, and focused on the development of techniques for improved detection and localization of sources of acoustic activity using Passive Acoustic Mapping. Erasmia successfully defended her DPhil thesis in December 2016, and since then she joined the EPSRC UltraSpine Project as a post-doctoral researcher. Her work is currently focused on delivering high intensity ultrasound to the intervertebral disc using an acoustic array of transducers and beamforming techniques based on time-reversal to induce tissue fractionation for removal of diseased tissue.


Selected Publications – Conferences

E. Lyka, C. Coviello, R. Kozick and C.-C. Coussios,  “Sum-of-Harmonics Method for Improved Narrowband and Broadband Signal Quantification during Passive Monitoring of Ultrasound Therapies”, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 140(741) 2016.

 “Optimal beamforming using higher order statistics for passive acoustic mapping”, E Lyka, C Coviello, C Coussios - Acoustical Society of America Spring Meeting, 2017

 “Monitoring of non-cavitational HIFU thermal ablation in ex-vivo ox liver using Passive Acoustic Mapping”, E. Lyka, D. Elbes, C. Coviello, R. Cleveland, C.C. Coussios, International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound, 2016

 “A sum-of-harmonics time-domain method to distinguish harmonic and broadband signals during passive acoustic mapping of ultrasound therapies”, E.Lyka, C.Coviello, R. Kozick, C.C. Coussios, Acoustical Society of America Spring Meeting 2015 (Oral presentation and poster)

Acoustical Society of America Biomedical Acoustics Student Poster Award




Phone: +44(0) 1865 617661 

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Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Old Road Campus Research Building

University of Oxford