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Dr Michael Gray - Senior Research Fellow

Senior Research Fellow

Academic Background

Michael earned his doctorate from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015 after designing and demonstrating an ultrasonic system for deep tissue elastography featuring converging shear wave fields.  In the 23 years prior, Michael was a research engineer and principal investigator at Georgia Tech, working in research areas including submarine sonar, cetacean soft tissue characterization, photoacoustics, fish hearing, and non-destructive structural evaluation.  


Michael joined the BUBBL group in September 2015 primarily to work on a Phase-1 clinical trial of ultrasound-mediated targeted drug delivery for treatment of liver cancer. Additional research areas and interests include clinical translation of cavitation monitoring techniques, and the use of sound and magnetism for targeted drug delivery.




Phone: +44(0) 1865 617 692

Mailing address:

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Old Road Campus Research Building

University of Oxford