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Dr Paul Lyon

Academic Clinical Fellow in Radiology

Paul Lyons2Academic Qualification

  • DPhil, University of Oxford, 2017
  • MRCS (London), 2011
  • BMBS, University of Nottingham, 2008
  • MRes. Bioinformatics, University of Leeds, 2002
  • MSc. (Eng) Advanced Software Engineering, 1998
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Computer Science

Academic Background

Paul previously studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Liverpool University and Sheffield University. After a few years in the IT sector with IBM, Paul completed a research Masters at the University of Leeds and returned to study Graduate-entry Medicine at University of Nottingham. After working as a foundation doctor in Nottingham & Derby, Paul moved to London to complete higher surgical training at Charing Cross and Great Ormond Street hospitals before taking a General Surgical specialist registrar post in Merseyside (in transplant and colorectal surgery).

Paul took time out of training to commence a NIHR/BRC-funded DPhil at the University of Oxford under the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences ( His research explores the safety, feasibility and efficacy of targeted chemotherapy using focused ultrasound in patients with liver metastasis ( Most recently Paul has obtained an Academic Clinical Fellowship in Clinical Radiology at Oxford, during which time he hopes to continue his research interest in targeted drug delivery.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys films, cycling, motorbiking, camping and snowboarding.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

Lyons, P., Gray, M.D., Mannaris, C., Folkes, L.K., Stratford, M., Campo,L., Chung, D.Y.F., Scott, S., Anderson, M., Goldin, R., Carlisle, R., Wu, F., Middleton, M.R., Gleeson, F.V., Coussios, C-C. 2018. Safety and feasibility of ultrasound-triggered targeted drug delivery of doxorubicin from thermosensitive liposomes in liver tumours (TARDOX): a single-centre, open-label, phase 1 trial. The Lancet Oncology (online) published 9 July 2018

Lyon P. et al. Clinical Trial Protocol for TarDox: A Phase I Study to Investigate the Feasibility of Targeted Release of Lyso-thermosensitive Liposomal Doxorubicin (ThermoDox®) Using Focused Ultrasound in Patients with Liver Tumours, Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound 2017, 5:28.

Gillies M, Lyon, P. et al. High-intensity focused ultrasonic ablation of sacral chordoma is feasible: a series of four cases and details of a national clinical trial. British Journal of Neurosurgery, Dec 2016. PMID: 27936948

Malakounides, G., Lyon, P., Cross, K., Pierro, A., De Coppi, P., Drake, D., Kiely, E., Spitz, L. and Curry, J. 2015. Esophageal Atresia: Improved Outcome in High-Risk Groups Revisited. Eur. J. Pediatr. Surg. PMID: 26079742. DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1551567 

Fraser, N., Lyon, P., Williams, A.R., Christian, M.T. and Shenoy, M.U. 2013. Native nephrectomy in pediatric transplantation - less is more! J. Pediatr Urol., 9(1), 84-89. PMID: 22227459.

Miller, S., Rogers, H.A., Lyon, P., Rand, V., Adamowicz-Brice, M., Clifford, S.C., Hayden, J.T., Dyer, S., Pfister, S., Korshunov, A., Brundler, M.A., Lowe, J., Coyle, B. and Grundy, R.G. 2011. Genome-wide molecular characterisation of central nervous system primitive neuroectodermal tumour and pineoblastoma. Neuro Oncol., 13(8), 866-879. PMID: 21798848.

Lyon, P., Nambi, R. and Farugi, F. 2011. Atypical presentation of purpura fulminans following sepsis in an adult. BMJ Case Rep. doi: 10.1136/bcr.03.2011.3996.

Radlinska, B.A., Ghinani, S.A., Lyon, P., Jolly, D., Soucy, J.-P., Minuk, J., Schirrmacher, R. and Thiel A. 2009. Multimodal Microglia Imaging of Fiber Tracts in Acute Subcortical Stroke. Ann. Neurol. 6(66), 825-832. PMID: 20035510.

Lyon, P., Ratan, P., Elder, K., Thomas, S. and Turner, G. 2009. Patient Management: Urological Emergencies. Foundation Years Journal Dec 2009 3(10), 13-19 (Emergency Edition).

Selected Oral Presentations

Lyon P et al., Coussios C., ‘TARDOX: Phase I Study of Targeted Delivery of Lyso-Thermosensitive Liposomal Doxorubicin (LTLD) by Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia to the Liver’, invited talk at National Institute of Health, Washington DC, Oct 2016

Lyon, P. et al., Coussios C., ‘TARDOX: Phase I Study of Targeted Delivery of Lyso-Thermosensitive Liposomal Doxorubicin (LTLD) by Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia to the Liver’, plenary talk at International Congress of Hyperthermic Oncology, New Orleans, May 2016

Lyon, P. et al., Coussios C., ‘Early Clinical Experience of Targeted Delivery of Lyso-Thermosensitive Liposomal Doxorubicin (LTLD) by Focused Ultrasound to the Liver’, student talk at International Symposium of Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU), Israel, April 2016 


Phone: +44 (0)1865 617668
Mailing address: Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, Old Road Campus Research Building, off Roosevelt Drive, Headington, Oxford, OX1 7DQ, UK