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Fabio Bianchi

Probationary Research Student (DPhil Candidate) in Engineering Science

Probationary Research Student (DPhil Candidate) in Engineering Science. Member of Balliol College.

Current Research Interests

  • Developing experimental models of mechanical nerve damage and deformation
  • Investigating mechanisms of mechanical damage in nerves and tendons
  • Investigating potential repair strategies for nerve and tendon damage using cell therapy and mechanically-induced repair

Educational Background

2014-2018 (Expected) - DPhil Engineering Science

DPhil Project - Mechanical nerve damage as a basis for nerve regeneration techniques (tentative)

Mechanobiology Group (Dr. Mark Thompson) and Tissue Engineering and Bioprocessing Group (Dr. Hua (Cathy) Ye)

2013-2014 - MSc Biomedical Engineering, Oxford Univeristy - Distinction

MSc Thesis -  Engineering Methods for Directional Growth of Innervated Bio-Engineered Muscle Sheets on Electrospun Fibres

2009-2013 - MEng Mechatronics - King's College London - First Class

MEng ThesisDeveloping a Memory Primitive-based Algorithm for AdaptiveWalking on Visco-Elastic Terrain

Awards and Scholarships

2014 - EPSRC Doctoral Training Program 

2013 -  King's College Engineering Society Centenary Prize


Adaptive internal impedance control for stable walking on uncertain visco-elastic terrain Bianchi, . F., Bartoli, G., Shoar, K., Fernandez, M. R. A., Pereno, V., Zirjakova, J., Jiang, A. & Nanayakkara, T. 7 Oct 20122012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). N/A ed. Piscataway: IEEE, Vol. N/A,p. 2465 - 2470

Stable Walking on Variable Visco-Elastic Terrains Using Meta-Parameters for Passive State Migration Pereno, V., Shoar, K., Bartoli, G., Bianchi, . F. & Nanayakkara, T. 4 Nov 2013 2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). IEEE, p. 3127-3131