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Jeroen Bergmann

Jeroen Bergmann Rehabilitation Design Research


Developing medical technologies, ranging from monitoring devices (e.g. body sensor networks) to artificial limbs, requires design approaches that aim to cater for complex real-world scenarios.

I am interested in creating and applying innovative rehabilitation design constructs that are user centered. Rehabilitation design incorporates many factors in order to create functional devices for the clinical setting. In-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system needs to be combined with product engineering and functional performance within a set of primitives and constrains.

Often the pace of technological and fundamental innovation outruns the design process for users. A direct parallel between the research and design will allow adaptations to more quickly impact on those who can benefit from it. A hybrid approach between these disciplines can be beneficial in specific situations and potentially yield new ways of approaching research and development within the field of rehabilitation.  


PhD (Applied Biomedical Research, King's College London, London, UK, 2009)

MSc (Human Movement Sciences, Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2004)

BIG registered healthcare professional (The Netherlands, 2001)

BSc (Health, Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2001)

Present academic positions

2014 - Rehabilitation Design Research Associate, Department of Engineering, Oxford Mechanobiology group, University of Oxford, UK
2013 - Honorary Research Associate, MSk Lab, Imperial College London, UK
2012 - Honorary Research Fellow, Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences, King’s College London, UK

Most recent publications

Hendricusdottir R & Bergmann JHM (2014). F-dynamics: Automated quantification of dendrite filopodia dynamics in living neurons. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 236(0):148-156.

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Bergmann JHM, P.M. Langdon, R.E. Mayagoitia, N. Howard (2014) Exploring the use of sensors to measure behavioral interactions: An experimental evaluation of using hand trajectories. PLosOne, 9(2): e88080. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088080

Bergmann JHM, (2013) Communication: Science is not about simple stories. Nature 503(7475):198-198. doi:10.1038/503198f

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Liston M., Green D, Bergmann JHM, Pavlou M (2013). Postural prioritization is differentially altered in healthy older compared to younger adults during visual and auditory coded spatial multitasking, Gait and Posture, doi: 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2013.07.004

Bergmann JHM; D. De Boer; O.S. van Rheenen, E. van Zelm, R.P.H.M Bergmann, N Howard (2013). Design Considerations for a Wearable Sensor Network that Measures Accelerations during Water-Ski Jumping, BSN 2013, IEEE International Conference on Body Sensor Networks (BSN), USA

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