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Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Technology

Three dimensional Human Neural Network:  Differntiation of human embryonic stem cells into cortical neurons and investigation of new types of tissue engineering scaffold to organise and encapsulate multi-layer functional neural networks.

Bioreactor technology  for tissue culture and stem cell expansion:  To develop membrane bioreactors for bulky tissue culture, for  stem cell culture, and micro-bioreactor technology and to develop mathematical models of tissue culture bioreactors.

Cryopreservation of  stem cells and engineered tissue:  To study the technology and underlining science in cryopreservation and vitrification to preserve living cells and  engineered tissues to ensure the off-the-shelf availability to clinicians.

Tissue engineering monitoring:  To develop micro membrane probes, microsensors, and multiphoton microscopy for the monitoring cell metabolism and functions,  tissue formation, and stem cell differentiation.

Stem cells for drug and toxicology testing:  To develop stem cell based 3D tissue models and to combine with microbioreactor technology [Tissue Flex®] for drug and chemical toxicology testing.