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Current Members

Researchers in the Tissue Engineering and Bioprocessing Group


Group Members


Prof Zhanfeng Cui

Prof Hua (Cathy) Ye

Dr Hui Wang

Dr Julian Dye


Prof Dan Ge

Dr Zheqing Huang


Project Manager

Dr Michelle Kumin

Industrial Liaison Officer

Mr Siq (Dennis) Dai

Lab Managers

Dr Julian George

Dr Naresh Kasoju

Group Administrator

Ms Liza Brandon

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Dr Zhaohui Li

Dr Majid Malboubi

Dr Linh Nguyen

Dr Akinlolu Odeleye

Current DPhil Students

Mr Fabio Bianchi

Mr Phurit (Mookie) Bovornchutichai

Mr Pawan Dulal

Ms Catherine Fan

Mr Cheng Ge

Ms Catriona Inverarity

Dr Xuxin (Meghan) Lim

Mr Xin Liu (Jason)

Mr Robin Nyland

Ms Di Shen

Mr Erfan Soliman

Dr Lobat Tayebi

Ms Sharlayne Waller

Mr Chui Chih Yao (Thomas)

Mr Yejiong Yu (Richard)

Mr Bo Zhang

Ms Shichen Zhu

Current MSc (Research) Students

Ms Yifei Gui

Current 4YP (MEng Project) Students

Ms Ziyun (Tracey) Shen