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Akinlolu Odeleye

Current Position              Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Contact Information       Institute of Biomedical Engineering
                                      University of Oxford
                                      Old Road Campus Research Building
                                      Headington, Oxford
                                      OX3 7DQ
                                       Tel: 01865 617915

Research Interests

Novel Bioreactors for Stem Cell Expansion.

The aim of this project is to develop enabling technologies for stem cell therapy and tissue engineering manufacturing. Bioreactor systems for the large scale expansion of adherent stem cells and other cells for regenerative medicine will be designed. Standardised and automatic systems and equipment for bioprocessing – including processing of cells, stem cells and engineered tissues will also be investigated. The defined work is limited to proof of concept and prototype design.





MEng in Chemical Engineering (University of Nottingham)

MSc in Biochemical Engineering (University College London)

PhD in Biochemical Engineering (University College London)


Work Experience

PhD (University College London):

Engineering characterisation of single-use bioreactor technology for mammalian cell culture applications. Utilised Particle Image Velocimetry for the whole-field characterisation of single-use bioreactors (stirred, rocked and pneumatic) from a hydrodynamics perspective. The delineated fluid flow dynamics were correlated to Chinese Hamster Ovary cell cultures, conducted in lab-scale single and multi-use bioreactors.


Postdoctoral Research Associate (Loughborough University):

Development of an optical system for the on-line tracking of stem cell growth on microcarriers. Human mesenchymal stem cells and mouse embryonic fibroblasts were grown in microcarrier spinner flasks to be imaged in situ. Imaging was conducted using a novel bespoke camera incorporating interferometry technology. Image processing methods were developed for cell detection, counting, confluence and morphology characterisation throughout the culture period.




Journal Papers

Odeleye, A.O.O., Castillo, S., Boon, M., Martin, H., Coopman, K., 2017 'Development of an optical system for the non-invasive tracking of stem cell growth on microcarriers', Biotechnology & Bioengineering.

Marsh, D.T.J., Odeleye, A.O.O., Ducci, A., Osborne, M.D., Lye, G.J., Micheletti, M., 2017 'Fluid dynamic characterisation of a laboratory scale rocked bag bioreactor', AiChe Journal.

Odeleye, A.O.O., Marsh, D.T.J., Osborne, M.D., Lye, G.J., Micheletti, M., 2014 ‘On the fluid dynamics of a laboratory scale single-use bioreactor’, Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 111 p299-312.

Rios-Solis, L., Morris, P., Grant, C., Odeleye, A.O.O., Ward, J.M., P.A., Baganz, F., Lye, G.J., 2014 ‘Modelling and optimisation of the one-pot, multi-enzymatic synthesis of chiral amino-alcohols based on microscale kinetic parameter determination’, Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 122 p360-372.


Conference Proceedings

Odeleye, A., Lye, G.J., Micheletti, M., 2013 ‘Engineering characterisation of single-use bioreactor technology for mammalian cell culture applications’, BMC Proceedings, 7(Suppl 6)P91