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Bas Brinkhof

Current Position              Post-doctoral Research Assistant

Supervisors                     Prof Z Cui; Prof C Ye, Dr H Wang

Contact Information       Institute of Biomedical Engineering
                                      Old Road Campus Research Building
                                      University of Oxford
                                      OX3 7DQ

                                      Tel: +44 (0)1865-617748

Research Interests

(Embryonic) Stem Cells; Molecular Cell Biology; Transcriptomics




PhD-candidate, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Fac. of Veterinary Medicine, Dep. of Farm Animal Health (Dec 2010 – Nov 2015): Determining pluripotency related transcriptome in bovine in vitro produced preimplantation embryos cultured in standard medium or reported naïve human stem cell media. Piglet muscle stem cells were isolated and cultured to investigate myogenic development. Results were compared with pluripotency gene profiles of other mammals. Thesis: Transcriptome Landscapes of Mammalian Embryonic Cells.

BSc Biological Laboratory Techniques; University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Sep 1996 – Dec 1999).

Work Experience:

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. The Medical School, Dep. of Oncology and Metabolism. (Jan 2017 – Dec 2017). Developing Lenti Vectors for cell specific gene knock-down in the mammary gland.

Visiting Researcher, Utrecht University, Netherlands, Fac. of Veterinary Medicine, Dep. of Farm Animal Health. (Nov 2015 – Dec 2016). Studying bovine embryonic pluripotent gene expression under different culture conditions.



Journal Papers :

Brinkhof B, Van Tol HTA, Groot Koerkamp MJA, Wubbolts RW, Haagsman HP, Roelen BAJ. Characterization of bovine embryos cultured under conditions appropriate for sustaining human naïve pluripotency. PLoS ONE 2017;12(2),e0172920.


Brinkhof B, Van Tol HTA, Groot Koerkamp MJA, Riemers FM, IJzer SG, Mashayekhi K, Haagsman HP, Roelen BAJ. A mRNA landscape of bovine embryos after standard and MAPK-inhibited culture conditions: A comparative analysis. BMC Genomics 2015;16(1),277


Van der Heijden M, de Vries M, van Steenbeek FG, Favier RP, Deijs M, Brinkhof B, Rothuizen J, van der Hoek L, Penning LC. Sequence-independent VIDISCA-454 technique to discover new viruses in canine livers. J Virol Methods 2012;185(1):152-5.


Favier RP, Spee B, Schotanus BA, van den Ingh TSGAM, Fieten H, Brinkhof B, Viebahn CS, Penning LC, Rothuizen J. COMMD1-deficient dogs accumulate copper in hepatocytes and provide a good model for chronic hepatitis and fibrosis. PLoS ONE 2012;7(8):e42158.


Van Rijn SJ, Gremeaux L, Riemers FM, Brinkhof B, Vankelecom H, Penning LC, Meij BP. Identification and characterisation of side population cells in the canine pituitary gland. Vet J 2012;192(3):476-82.


Kummeling A, Penning LC, Rothuizen J, Brinkhof B, Weber MF, Van Sluijs FJ. Hepatic gene expression and plasma albumin concentration related to outcome after attenuation of a congenital portosystemic shunt in dogs. Vet J 2012;191(3):383-8.


Piek CJ, Brinkhof B, Teske E, Rothuizen J, Dekker A, Penning LC. High intravascular tissue factor expression in dogs with idiopathic immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 2011;144(3-4):346-54.


Kruitwagen HS, Arends B, Spee B, Brinkhof B, van den Ingh TSGAM, Rutten VP, Penning LC, Roskams T, Rothuizen J. Recombinant hepatocyte growth factor treatment in a canine model of congenital liver hypoplasia. Liver Int 2011;31(7):940-9.


Piek CJ, Brinkhof B, Rothuizen J, Dekker A, Penning LC. Leukocyte count affects expression of reference genes in canine whole blood samples. BMC Res Notes 2011;4:36.


Tryfonidou MA, Hazewinkel HAW, Riemers FM, Brinkhof B, Penning LC, Karperien M. Intraspecies disparity in growth rate is associated with differences in expression of local growth plate regulators. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 2010;299(6):E1044-52.


Kuijk EW, Van Mil A, Brinkhof B, Penning LC, Colenbrander B, Roelen BAJ. PTEN and TRP53 independently suppress nanog expression in spermatogonial stem cells. Stem Cells Dev 2010;19(7):979-88.


Hoffmann G, Ijzer J, Brinkhof B, Schotanus BA, van den Ingh TSGAM, Penning LC, Rothuizen J. Comparison of different methods to obtain and store liver biopsies for molecular and histological research. Comp Hepatol 2009;8:3.


Schlotter YM, Veenhof EZ, Brinkhof B, Rutten VPMG, Spee B, Willemse T, Penning LC. A GeNorm algorithm-based selection of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in skin biopsies of healthy dogs and dogs with atopic dermatitis. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 2009;129(1-2):115-8.


Penning LC, Vrieling HE, Brinkhof B, Riemers FM, Rothuizen J, Rutteman GR, Hazewinkel HAW. A validation of 10 feline reference genes for gene expression measurements in snap-frozen tissues. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 2007;120(3-4):212-22.


Brinkhof B, Spee B, Rothuizen J, Penning LC. Development and evaluation of canine reference genes for accurate quantification of gene expression. Anal Biochem 2006;356(1):36-43.


Spee B, Arends B, van den Ingh TSGAM, Brinkhof B, Nederbragt H, Ijzer J, Roskams T, Penning LC, Rothuizen J. Transforming growth factor β-1 signalling in canine hepatic diseases: New models for human fibrotic liver pathologies. Liver Int 2006;26(6):716-25.


Tissing WJE, Meijerink JPP, Brinkhof B, Broekhuis MJC, Menezes RX, Den Boer ML, Pieters R. Glucocorticoid-induced glucocorticoid-receptor expression and promoter usage is not linked to glucocorticoid resistance in childhood ALL. Blood 2006;108(3):1045-9.


Tissing WJE, Meijerink JPP, Den Boer ML, Brinkhof B, Van Rossum EFC, Van Wering ER, Koper JW, Sonneveld P, Pieters R. Genetic variations in the glucocorticoid receptor gene are not related to glucocorticoid resistance in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Clin Cancer Res 2005;11(16):6050-6.


Favier RP, Spee B, Penning LC, Brinkhof B, Rothuizen J. Quantitative PCR method to detect a 13-kb deletion in the MURR1 gene associated with copper toxicosis and HIV-1 replication. Mamm Genome 2005;16(6):460-3.


Tissing WJE, Meijerink JPP, den Boer ML, Brinkhof B, Pieters R. mRNA expression levels of (co)chaperone molecules of the glucocorticoid receptor are not involved in glucocorticoid resistance in pediatric ALL.

Leukemia 2005;19(5):727-33.


Van der Burg M, Smit B, Brinkhof B, Barendregt BH, Verschuren MCM, Dib M, Beverloo HB, van Dongen JJM, Langerak AW. A single split-signal FISH probe set allows detection of TAL1 translocations as well as SIL-TAL1 fusion genes in a single test. Leukemia 2002;16(4):755-61.


Szczeparński T, Willemse MJ, Brinkhof B, Van Wering ER, Van Der Burg M, Van Dongen JJM. Comparative analysis of ig and TCR gene rearrangements at diagnosis and at relapse of childhood precursor-B-ALL provides improved strategies for selection of stable PCR targets for monitoring of minimal residual disease. Blood 2002;99(7):2315-23.


Book Chapters:

Brinkhof B, Roelen BAJ, Haagsman HP. 2013. Meet the stem cells. In: Engineering aspects of food biotechnology. Teixeira JA and Vicente AA, editors. CRC Press. 111 p.


Conference Proceedings

Conference Presentations:

EpiConcept Conference: Vilamoura, Portugal (01 – 03 Oct 2014); “Epigenetics and Periconception Environment” (poster).

DSSCR 7th Dutch Stem Cell Meeting: Groningen, Netherlands (9 May 2014, poster)

Najaarsvergadering Vereniging voor Fertiliteitsstudie (Dutch): Maastricht, Netherlands (Nov 2013, oral)

ISSCR 11th Annual Meeting: Boston (MA), USA (12-15 June 2013, poster)

TERMIS World Congress: Vienna, Austria (5-8 Sep 2012); "Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine" (poster)