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Catherine Fan


Current Position          DPhil Student

College                       Wolfson College

Supervisor(s)               Wei Huang, Cathy Ye

Contact Information    Begbroke Science Park
                                   Begbroke Hill
                                   Woodstock Rd
                                   Begbroke OX5 1PF

                                   Tel: 01865283783                                  

Research Interests
Synthetic biology, microbial communities, neuronal differentiation



B.S. Biological Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.Phil Biochemistry from University of Cambridge

Work Experience
Martin Welch Lab (University of Cambridge, 2014-2015):
Engineered a hypermutation switch into Pseudomonas aeruginosa to study the impact of the hypermutator phenotype on the CF lung microcosm.

National Cancer Center of Tokyo, Division of Metastasis and Invasion Signalling (Summer 2014):
Studied proteins involved in the invasion mechanism (invadopodia formation) of scirrhous gastric carcinoma cells

Kristala Prather Lab (MIT, 2012-2013):
Microbial synthesis of propanol and propionate by introducing non-native pathways to E. coli

Takuzo Aida Lab (University of Tokyo, Summer 2013):
Synthesis of an ATP-responsive biomolecular glue

Robert Langer Lab (MIT, 2011-2012):
Developed a glucose-responsive hydrogel for insulin delivery in patients with diabetes

University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (2008-2010):
Developed an antimicrobial resin for use in implant devices to prevent infection after treatment or surgery



CRMI Studentship – Awarded to fund completion of a DPhil in the Oxford Tissue Engineering Group at the University of Oxford (2016)



Journal Papers
Audrey Crousilles, Eve Maunders, Sean Bartlett, Catherine Fan, Emem-Fong Ukor, Yassmin Abdelhamid, Ysobel Baker, Andres Floto, David R Spring and Martin Welch, “Which microbial factors really are important in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections?” Future Microbiology. 10(11): 1825-1836 (2015).

Catherine Fan, Lianrui Chu, H. Ralph Rawls, Barry K. Norling, Hector L. Cardenas, Kyumin Whang, “Development of an antimicrobial resin—A pilot study” Dental Materials. 27: 322–8 (2011). PMID: 21112619


Conference Presentations
OxFEST (Females in Engineering, Science, and Technology) Annual Conference (March 5, 2016, Oxford, United Kingdom): “SimCells: a new chassis for synthetic biology”

Society of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Annual Meeting (August 11-15, 2013, San Diego, CA, USA): “A novel pathway for propionyl-CoA production in E. coli”