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Fabio Bianchi

Current Position                     D.Phil. Student

College                                  Balliol College

Supervisor(s)                          Prof Hua (Cathy) Ye and Dr Mark Thompson (Mechanobiology group)

Contact Information                Institute of Biomedical Engineering
                                               Department of Engineering Science
                                               Oxford, UK
                                                Tel: +44 1865 617654

Research Interests

Peripheral nervous system damage and regeneration, neural stem cell therapy for peripheral nerve damage, in vitro models of mechanical damage to neurons




M.Eng. Mechatronics – King’s College London (First class)

M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering – Balliol College, University of Oxford (Distinction)


Work Experience

Second and third year tutorial teaching (Biomechanics and Structures, materials and dynamics) – department of Engineering Science, Oxford

Second year lab demonstration (Tissue Engineering) – department of Engineering Science, Oxford


Awards and Scholarships

EPSRC DTP (Doctoral Training Partnership) awarded for 3.5 years



Journal Papers

Bianchi, F., Hofmann, F., Smith, A.J., Thompson, M.S., Probing multi-scale mechanical damage in connective tissues using x-ray diffraction, Acta Biomaterialia (2016), doi:


Conference Proceedings

Adaptive internal impedance control for stable walking on uncertain visco-elastic terrain Bianchi, . F., Bartoli, G., Shoar, K., Fernandez, M. R. A., Pereno, V., Zirjakova, J., Jiang, A. & Nanayakkara, T. 7 Oct 20122012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). N/A ed. Piscataway: IEEE, Vol. N/A,p. 2465 – 2470

Stable Walking on Variable Visco-Elastic Terrains Using Meta-Parameters for Passive State Migration Pereno, V., Shoar, K., Bartoli, G., Bianchi, . F. & Nanayakkara, T. 4 Nov 2013 2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). IEEE, p. 3127-3131


Conference Presentations

Probing multi-scale damage effects and mechanical properties of connective tissues by x-ray diffraction (Size-Strain VII, Oxford, September 2015)

Engineered Methods for Directional Growth of Innervated Muscle Sheets on Electrospun Fibres (Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience Networking Event, March 2015)