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Miao Sun

Current Position            Joint PhD student

Supervisor                     Prof. Hua Ye

Contact Information       Institute of Biomedical Engineering
                                      Old Road Campus Research Building,
                                      University of Oxford,
                                      OX3 7DQ
                                      Tel: +44 (0)1865-617748

Research Interests   

3D printing, bone regeneration, silicate, microfluidic



  • 2016-now Zhejiang University                     PhD Candidate
  • 2013-2016 Zhejiang University                    MD
  • 2008-2013 Hangzhou Normal University      Bachelor Degreee


Work Experience

2013.10-2016.10 the Standardized Training of Residents

Awards and Scholarships

  • 2018.09 Tang Lixin Scholarship
  • 2017.09 National Scholarship
  • 2016.09 National Scholarship
  • 2016.03 Outstanding Graduate Scholarship
  • 2015.10 Wang Tiwu Schoarship
  • 2012.09 National Scholarship



Journal Papers

1.            Miao Sun, An Liu, Huifeng Shao, Xianyan Yang, Chiyuan Ma, Shigui Yan, Yanming Liu, Yong He, Zhongru Gou. Systematical Evaluation of Mechanically Strong 3D Printed Diluted magnesium Doping Wollastonite Scaffolds on Osteogenic Capacity in Rabbit Calvarial Defects. Scientific Reports 2016;(8):1–14. (Article, IF=4.259)

2.            Miao Sun, An Liu, Chiyuan Ma, Huifeng Shao, Menghua Yu, Yanming Liu, Yan Shigui, Zhongru Gou. Systematic investigation of β-dicalcium silicate-based bone cements in vitro and in vivo in comparison with clinically applied calcium phosphate cement and Bio-Oss®. RSC Advanced. 2016;6(1):586–96. (Article, IF=3.108)

3.            Huifeng Shao, Miao Sun, Feng Zhang, An Liu, Yong He, Jianzhong Fu, Xianyan Yang, Huiming Wang and Zhongru Gou. Custom repair of mandibular bone defects with 3D printed bioceramic scaffolds. Journal of Dental Research. (Article, IF=5.38, Co-first author)

4.            An Liu, Miao Sun, Huifeng Shao, Xianyan Yang, Chiyuan Ma, Dongshuang He, Qing Gao, Yanming Liu, Shigui Yan, Sanzhong Xu, Yong He, Jianzhong Fu, Zhongru Gou. The outstanding mechanical response and bone regeneration capacity of robocast dilute magnesium-doped wollastonite scaffolds in critical size bone defects. Journal of Materials Chemistry B. 2016;4(22): 3945-3958. (Article, IF=4.543, Co-first author)

An Liu, Miao Sun, Chiyuan Ma, Yunlin Chen, Xinghe Xue, Peng Guo, Zhongli Shi, Shigui Yan. Clinical outcomes of transtibial versus anteromedial drilling techniques to prepare the femoral tunnel during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy2017 Sep;25(9):2751-2759. (Article, IF=3.227, Co-first author)

6.            An Liu, Miao Sun, Xianyan Yang, Chiyuan Ma. Three-dimensional printing akermanite porous scaffolds for load-bearing bone defect repair : An investigation of osteogenic capability and mechanical evolution. Journal of biomaterials applications 2016;0(0):1–11. (Article, IF=2.310, Co-first author)

7.            Chao Liu, Yin Zhou, Miao Sun, Qi Li, Lingqing Dong, Liang Ma, Kui Cheng, Wenjian Weng, Mengfei Yu, Huiming Wang. Light-induced cell alignment and harvest for anisotropic cell sheet technology. Acs Appl Mater Interfaces,(2017) 9(42), 36513-36524. (Article, IF=8.097)

8.            An Liu, Guang-huai Xue, Miao Sun, Huifeng Shao, Chiyuan Ma, Qing Gao, Zhongru Gou, Shigui Yan, Yanming Liu, Yong He. 3D Printing Surgical Implants at the clinic: A Experimental Study on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Scientific Reports 2016;(6):21704. (Article, IF=4.259)

9.            An Liu, Wei Zhang, Miao Sun, Chiyuan Ma, Shigui Yan. Evidence-based Status of Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment for Patients with Shoulder Pain: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials. Pain Practice 2015. (Review, IF =2.495)

Chiyuan Ma, An Liu, Miao Sun, Hanxiao Zhu, Haobo Wu. Effect of whole-body vibration on reduction of bone loss and fall prevention in postmenopausal women: a meta-analysis and systematic review. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2016;11(1):24. (Review, IF=1.545)

11.          Huifeng Shao, Xiurong Ke, An Liu, Miao Sun, Yong He, Xianyan Yang, Jianzhong Fu, Yanming Liu, Lei Zhang, Guojing Yang, Sanzhong Xu and Zhongru Gou. Bone regeneration in 3D printing bioactive ceramic scaffolds with improved tissue/material interface pore architecture in thin-wall bone defect. Biofabrication. 2017:025003. (Article, IF=6.838)

12.          Huifeng Shao, An Liu, Xiurong Ke, Miao Sun, Yong He, Xianyan Yang, Jianzhong Fu, Lei Zhang, Guojing Yang, Yanming Liu, Sanzhong Xu and Zhongru Gou. 3D robocasting magnesium-doped wollastonite/TCP bioceramic scaffolds with improved bone regeneration capacity in critical sized calvarial defects. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2017, 5(16). (Article, IF=4.543)

13.          Jing Nie, Qing Gao, Jing-jiang Qiu, Miao Sun, An Liu, Lei Shao, Jian-zhong Fu, Peng Zhao, Yong He. 3D printed Lego®-like modular microfluidic devices based on capillary driving[J]. Biofabrication, 2018, 10(3). (Article, IF=6.838)

14.          Haiming Zhao, Feifei Yang, Jianzhong Fu, Qing Gao, An Liu, Miao Sun and Yong He. Printing@clinic: from medical models to organ implants. Acs Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2017, 3(12), pp 3083-3097. (Article, IF=3.234)

15.          Wu H, Ma C, Ran J, et al. Biomechanical research on contour cage with transacetabular screws fixation in revision total hip arthroplasty[J]. Clinical Biomechanics, 2017, 47:117. (Article, IF=1.863)



  1. NFSC《基于同轴生物打印技术的骨/软骨双相GelMA水凝胶中空套管重建韧带-骨界面及机制的研究》(3)
  2. NFSC《大尺寸生物陶瓷人工骨增材制造研究》(6)
  3. Zhejiang University 《复合缓释生物活性涂层的 3D 打印 CSi-Mg 三维多孔人工骨的研究 》(1)