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Michelle Kümin

Current Position              Project Manager

Contact Information        CRMI Technology Centre, IBME

                                          Old Road Campus Research Building,

                                          off Roosevelt Drive, Headington,

                                          Oxford, OX3 7DQ


                                          Tel:          01865-617914



Research Interests

Bringing laboratory research to clinical trials




1995       Ph.D. University of Cambridge (Corpus Christi College)

Thesis entitled ‘Studies on a recombinant 22kDa antigen associated with human IgE and immunity to Schistosomiasis’

1991       BSc First Class Honours Bristol Polytechnic (now known as the University of the West of England) Applied Biological Science


Work Experience

(2015 - present)  (A) Part-time (60%FTE) Project Manager, CRMI Stem    Cell Therapy Technology Centre, IBME, Oxford and (B) Part-time (32% FTE) post-doctoral research assistant to Dr Matthew Scarborough (bone infection consultant), NDM Exp Med

(2014-2015) Part-time Project Manager and clinical trial co-ordinator, EU IMPROVE project, the Jenner Institute and Clinical Centre for Vaccinology and Tropical Medicine, University of Oxford

(2013-2015) Part-time Assistant Trial Co-ordinator, I2S2 Clinical Trial, National Perinatal & Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford

(2008-2013) Part-time Co-ordination Assistant, EU GENODISC project, Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics, University of Oxford

(2003-2006) Part-time Co-ordination Assistant, EU EURODISC project, Department of Physiology, University of Oxford

(1994-1997) Junior Research Fellow, Clare College, University of Cambridge (Epidemiological and immunological analysis of Schistosomiasis patients)

(1993-1995) Field Research in Kenya (1 month) and Brazil (3 months) on Schistosomiasis

(1989-1990) Research Assistant, Virginia Commonwealth University, U.S.A as part of undergraduate studies (Regulation of citrate synthase production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae)


Awards and Scholarships

(2004) Merit Award, Department of Physiology, University of Oxford

(1994) British Society for Parasitology (BSP) Young Parasitologist’s Travelling Award

(1991-1994) Scholarships from ‘British Federation of University Women’, Maria Holland and St. Joseph’s Charity, Ian Karten Charitable Trust, Craythorne and Beaumont Scholarship, Sidney Perry Foundation, Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust, Pettit Charitable Trust and Sarah and Roger Bancroft Clark Charitable Trust.

(1991-1997) Travel Grants from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Kathleen and Margery Elliott Travel Scholarship, British Society for Parasitology, Bartle Frere Exhibition and Clare College, Cambridge.

(1989) Aylwin Chadwick Travelling Prize from [formerly] Bristol Polytechnic




Journal Papers, Presentations, Posters & Abstracts


Stem Cell Therapy & Tissue Regeneration



Opening Ceremony of the British Bio-Business Park Bio-Innovation Forum, May 2016, Tianjin, China



Pre-term Iodine Supplementation


F Williams et al., ‘A summary of the Iodine Supplementation Study Protocol (I2S2): A UK multi-centre randomised controlled trial in preterm infants’. Neonatology (2014) 105:282-289.



Kayleigh Morgan, Michelle Kümin, Ed Juszczak, Ursula Bowler. ‘Example of successful follow-up rates in a UK case study - I2S2 Trial’. ‘Highlighting Best Practice’ 2nd Oxford Research Network Conference, University of Oxford, 15th October 2014.



Kayleigh Morgan, Michelle Kümin, Ed Juszczak, Ursula Bowler. ‘Example of successful follow-up rates in a UK case study - I2S2 Trial’. National Perinatal and Epidemiology Unit (NPEU) Clinical Trials Unit Research Day. University of Oxford, 22nd October 2014.



Disc Degeneration & Back Pain

H-J Wilke, J Urban and M Kümin. ‘Editorial: The Benefits of Multi-Disciplinary Research on Intervertebral Disc Degeneration’. European Spine Journal (2014) 23 (Suppl 3):S303-S304.

Á Lazary, Z Szövérfi, J Szita, A Somhegyi, M Kümin and P-P Varga. ‘Primary prevention of disc degeneration related symptoms’. European Spine Journal (2014) 23 (Suppl 3):S385-S393.

 Á Lazáry, K Ito, S Eisenstein, J Fairbank, S Roberts, D Kletsas, M Kümin, M Brayda-Bruno and P-P Varga. (2012) ‘Surgeons and Scientists – Symbiosis in Spinal Research?’ submitted on behalf of the scientists and surgeons from the EU FP7 GENODISC consortium. European Spine Journal. Volume 21, Issue 9, Pages 1681-1683.


IMPROVE Consortium meeting, 2015, Siena, Italy

Musculo-Skeletal Sciences Thames Valley Comprehensive Local Research Network [MSC TV CLRN], 2010, Oxford, UK

GENODISC training workshop, 2008, Milan, Italy

EURODISC Mid-Term Public Workshop, 2004, Ulm, Germany




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Saccharomyces cerevisiae

M Rosenkrantz, C S Kell, E A Pennell, M Webster and L J Devenish. (1994) ‘Distinct Upstream Activation Regions for Glucose-Repressed and Derepressed Expression of the Yeast Citrate Synthase Gene CIT1’. Current Genetics. 25:185-195.