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Xin Liu (Jason)

Current Position               DPhil Student

College                            Hertford College

Supervisor(s)                    Professor Cui and Professor Ye

Contact Information         Hertford College
                                        Catte Street
                                        OX1 3BW

                                        Tel: +44 1865 617653

Research Interests

Currently, I am working on the interface areas between Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Electronics.  My current project is about developing a platform to generate bioengineered heart tissue for drug tests. My research focus is on the 3D Cardiac tissue development and functionality test on it. I am also interested in design and development of controlled real-time monitoring system of micro-bioreactor.



Undergraduate Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Liverpool.

Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Oxford, Pembroke College.


Work Experience

Electrical Engineer, internship at Bosch Automotive products Co., Ltd (2011, 3 months); Electrical Engineer, internship at Emerson Climate Technology Co., Ltd (2012, 3 months)


Awards and Scholarships

CSC scholarship – Full fund for completion of DPhil study at University of Oxford. (Started from 2014)